Monday, 13 August 2012

Set yourself up for SUCCESS!

Kia Ora Team


By this time, you should have had a chat with me about your future plans and how we can best use the time we have left in English this year.

  • For those of you in Year 13 (and some Y12s who will drop IMS next year), the goal is to get UE Literacy through Connect 4 and Write On (the writing portfolio).
  • For those of you intending to study English at Level 3, you are focussing on Connect 4, Write On, one External (either book or film) and Reading Responding 2.
  • And there are others who are targetting individual standards which suit their strengths.
It doesn't matter what learning and assessment programme you are on, as long as you are using your time wisely, doing relevant Home and Independent Learning and getting regular feedforward. Complete all INTERNAL ASSESSMENT by the end of Term 3.


  • Go to the link to the wiki (on this blog).
  • Find learning activities for your selected text(s) and practice essay questions.