Monday, 7 May 2012

What's coming up?

Kia Ora Whanau  

This term's focus is demonstrating your skills for assessment. 

 1 RESPONSES - you should have written TWO responses by now and be starting your THIRD this week. Use the CATCH-UP days during HSP.

 2 WRITING PORTFOLIO - so far you have written a group poem, an individual poem and a piece based on a character from a film. You will now get the info about how your writing will be assessed so you need to start making decisions about what type of exits you will produce and which pieces you will craft for assessment.

 3 CONNECT 4 - This assessment is due by he end of Term 2. It involves you selecting 4 texts which have connections. The links could be THEMES, SETTINGS, GENRE, CHARACTERS, SYMBOLS, PURPOSES, AUDIENCES, TECHNIQUES. You will present your analysis and conclusions as a WRITTEN or ORAL or VISUAL REPORT. Start looking for connections between texts you have already read this year. And start looking for articles, songs, stories, poems which also link.