Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Let's Get Up-to-Date!


Read your text – read at least 30 minutes a day and record title, author, number of pages and post your observations of each chapter in your BLOG at least ONCE PER WEEK. You should respond to the IDEAS, the TECHNIQUES, your PERSONAL REACTION and the links with the REAL WORLD.

AND here is the list of learning activities that you should have completed by Week 6...

1     Your group poem based on So You Don't Belong Pohoot - published and printed in colour.
2     Your group analysis of the poem TAKAPUNA BEACH.
3     Your 50 word review of The Graffiti of Mr Tupaia
3     Your blog setup and a comment on my blog to send me your blog address.
4     Your recitation of a poem from VOICES OF THE PACIFIC.
5     Your mind map/brainstorm/list of the IDEAS, the TECHNIQUES, your PERSONAL REACTION and the links with the REAL WORLD in one poem of your choice from the ones you have read in class so far this year.
6     Your practice response on one of the poems above.
7     Your Tama Tu chart.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Tama Tu and The Matrix

This week's learning is around two visual texts. Although Tama Tu and The Matrix are very different types of films, they share themes of identity and humanity. 

Please use your blog to share your reactions to these texts. Try to structure your comments around the 4 focus points of themes, techniques, personal reaction and real world links. (You may wish to complete a mind map and share it with us.)